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Applications are open,  Each submission will be reviewed, and all applicants will receive notice of their status within 48 hrs.

Please note designers’ package are available for a selected designer only!  Space limited!

Inquire for a package and more information.

Apply below.


About MDM:

María del Mar, designer of the brand, was inspired by the transcend life and how important it is to make it a path of action, teaching and positivism. This collection is based on the tropics of her creations Asian, taking symbolic elements such as the "Betta" fish, which is said to have the ability to remember her previous lives. The garments will have wide silhouettes that evoke elegance and sensuality, textile bases with a lot of fall and volumes accompanied by abstract prints and handmade embroideries. Maria del Mar wants to show attendees that manual art is a beauty that flows and connects.

Conscious of having a sustainable brand, MDM has implemented as a rule that the 30% of its textile bases are eco-friendly to contribute to the care of the environment atmosphere; like the garments made and embroidered by hand are made by mothers head of household in Cali, Colombia.

Sept. 29 .2023

7:00 P.M - at MIFA

By Invitation Only

María del Mar- Diseñadora Vallecaucana.JPG

About Isabel Original:

This collection is inspired by nature, hence her name “Flowers”. Isabel, the creator of the brand, thought of all the gardens in the world to get inspired. Each garment is embroidered by Colombian indigenous people and some by Isabel herself.

The goal with this spring-summer 2024 proposal is that through each garment, awareness of caring for our natural resources is generated. Art being one way of expressing ourselves, Isabel uses her designs to make her contribution, as well as many Artists do it through their songs.


Sept. 29 .2023

7:20 P.M - at MIFA

By Invitation Only


(Colombia) The Jefsi collection – bah (Hebrew)HETZI BA “City of Delight of God" "In her is my delight", seeks to celebrate the essence of the woman being her a divine creation and heavenly delight, the idea behind this collection is to highlight the beauty in all its forms, each garment is a manifestation of joy, elegance and the confidence that all women deserve to feel.

In this collection RoMANG express diversity of styles and personalities, recognizing that the Fashion is an artistic expression that allows us to express who we are without saying a word. word, while paying homage to craftsmanship in order to create pieces unique and cutting edge.


The color palette ranges from vibrant, metallic, denim, in addition to pistachio and magenta, bold and unconventional colors, going to the shine of silver and gold fused with neutral colors that always make part of the brand's DNA.

EMPOWERMENT MESSAGE: Each garment in the HETZI – BA collection is  designed with the purpose of making women feel connected to their own essence. Remembering that your inner light is a gift that deserves to be shared and celebrated.

Sept. 29 .2023

7:45 P.M - at MIFA

By Invitation Only


About Ignazio Spinoza:

(Mexico) This collection is called "Vainilla" and is inspired in Planifolia orchids, of which the pods are used to produce the essence vanilla. In this proposal, the silhouettes embrace the female form in the waists, with sensual necklines on the back and the lines of the neck, along with ruffles that emulate the
movement and the shape of the usual costumes in the area of the Gulf of Mexico, where grow this unique, beautiful and aromatic plant.

Materials range from a silky, mid-weight blend to fabrics with
sequins and fabric applications that form our main element, topped with pearls that reflect the light characteristic of this Mexican subtropical zone.


Sept. 29 .2023

8:15 P.M - at MIFA

By Invitation Only

About Rei Giraldo:

(Miami) Rei Giraldo will present his latest collection inspired byin the trips that he has made in recent years to places with a lot of history and culture such as Italy, Nice, Morocco, Mexico and Guatemala. In it, her intention is to show arisky, powerful, sensual woman, lover of discovering and discovering herself as a being unique human being, Rei tells us that this collection not only tells us about a physical journey,
but also spiritual, because for her artistic criteria we grow with each trip, we discovered and changed.

Sept. 29 .2023

8:40 P.M - at MIFA

By Invitation Only

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