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As we all know fashion its art. to see fashion its no only see a dress or wear heels .also is a popular aesthetic expression in a certain time and context, especially in clothing, lifestyle, accessories, makeup ,hairstyle  and body is a distinctive and industry supported expression traditionally tied to the fashion season and collections.In fact, for me style is an expression that lasts over many seasons ,and is often connect to cultural movements and social markers, symbols , class and culture.For example, Baroque, Rococo, ect. 

Actually, fashion encompasses many things. countries, people, clothing and beauty. Also, I want to talk to you a wearing a white piece. But with many pieces to look simple elegant and not spend so much money .

In addition, how you rader wear a white shirt. One of our favorite ways to style a white button-down is with a great pair of jeans .Actually, you can never go wrong with the tried and true white -and -blue combo.cuff the sleeves for a perfectly undone look and give the front of your shirt a subtle french tuck, or tie it into a low knot for fresh twist .Then ,bring the outfit together with stand-out accessories.A textured bag instantly heightens the style factor ,while brightly colored shoes and jewerly polish off the look beautifully .

The truth is that there are many ways to wear a white piece . So, I am here to help you.we may  always solve a reunion with a white blouse shirt. Of course it depends on the occasion .But  white shirt never stops being a classic to wear great .

Even though , I want to share this woman example . she is from Venezuela . she is fashion designer . she is Carolina Herrera .Since 1981 , She has been designing classic white shirts ,but Carolina's been wearing them for even longer . for the renowned designer , a crips white shirt is a part of her daily uniform , and her love affair with the versatile wardrobe staple has resulted in years of collections that are overflowing with multiple takes on this classic .  

In the past , Herrera has described how the white shirt transcends trends , as the wearer is capable of making it uniquely her own by styling it differently .She might wear the same shirt as her daughter ,but accomplish a completely different look by how she rolls up the sleeves , pops the collar , or accessorizes it.

Each Carolina Herrera collection contains at least one white shirt and, now, the designer is educating her customer on exactly how to wear it .

So, Carolina , 'SAID '.There is no limit to how many classic white shirts a woman can have.Restocking is always a good idea because the more you wear them , the more they lose their shine, newness ,and brightness.

Finally, a white shirt can be very sexy . Think of Marilyn Monroe, photographed in a crips white shirt and dark jeans .Elizabet Taylor ,who decreed"Every woman should have a great white shirt in her wardrobe'.It is no coincidence that white shirts have been a recurring theme in model iconography:Peter Lindbergh"s 1988 Malibu beach group shot of CHRISTY turlington ,Linda Evangelista co, which came two years before the classic British Vogue Cover_and was one of the first images to frame the supers as a group _had them dressed in oversize white shirts.In Patrick Demarchelier"s  power portrait of Claudia Schiffer, Cindy Crawford and the gang for cover of the 100thanniversary edition of America Vogue, White shirts _tied the midriff, this being 1992- were the iuniform.

Arlis Alvarado

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