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A visual and sound universe made in Cali

Going through Cali and not going to Delirio is missing one of the two best shows that Colombia has today. This title was conferred on the famous salsa show at the beginning of 2019 in Fitur, the most important tourist fair in the world that takes place every year in Madrid (Spain). For many, Delirio is the product of a phenomenon like no other that is felt and lived in the neighborhoods, as a result of a cultural demonstration that began five decades ago in Santiago de Cali, when the popular sectors adopted Salsa and turned it into their language and One of your identity stamps.

The most important thing to keep in mind when you want to witness this show that masterfully mixes the salsa, the circus and the orchestra, is that it is only presented on the last Friday of each month in its own tent on the outskirts of Cali, Colombian city better known as the world capital of salsa. And we advise you to buy your tickets in advance, since the place has a capacity of 1,600 people and so you can choose from which location you can enjoy this experience. 

Delirio figures speak for themselves: 13 uninterrupted years of work with more than 450 presentations, a collective of 690 people, 4 salsa schools, 1 circus school, 1 orchestra, 25 sponsors and 200 artists on stage, more than 560 thousand spectators, more than 20 countries visited and a cultural complex of 23 thousand square meters where all the activity that seduces caleños, Colombians and visitors from all over the world takes place every month. Delirio has the stamp of Made in Cali and has become a symbol of a city whose language is dance and its code is salsa.

To this day Delirio has released 15 mounts. The one currently presented in the tent is called "The Chachachá del Diluvio", inspired by the book of the same name by the Valle del Cauca writer and researcher, Medardo Arias Satizábal, of which only 3 presentations remain. A new visual and sound fantasy will be released next November that hopes to keep catching the public. The Chachachá del Diluvio is a staging that comes from the rivers, mangroves, mountains and the magical force of the nearby Pacific, recreates with salsa, circus, dance and poetry, the advent of a second universal flood, news that an angel transmits In dreams to a poet. “This show is a fantasy that shocks the senses and makes us reflect on human behavior and the protection of the environment, imagining that there is a last chance and that ethical values are our passport to salvation,” says Andrea Buenaventura Borrero,     Director  of   the Delirio Foundation. And he adds, "Nature always warns, you just have to know how to listen to it." The outcome shows how seven elected people open to the sea in a new ark built by artisans from the Colombian Pacific to survive the universal flood with the faithful intention of repopulating the earth above all values and fundamental senses such as respect for the true source of life: Mother Nature.

Delirio stands out from other salsa shows because it links three modes of artistic expression: dance as a vehicle for communication and social practice; the circus as a magic word that brings fantasy and music closer, omnipresent in all forms of art. Throughout the show you can also see different choreographic numbers that vary month after month and start applause between the audience, such as Friday Night Fever, Homage to the King of Pop Michael Jackson, Equation and Download, among others. The maximum moment of the night arrives when the Delirious Point begins, which is an interaction of some of the artists who put those present to dance to the sound of songs that have marked the era.

That prove the good moment he lives. Recently, a presentation was made at the Movistar Arena in Bogotá, which was attended by six thousand people, with the highest number of audiences made outside of Cali.

The Delirio collective is made up of 690 people including dancers, choreographers, costume designers, circus students and teachers, musicians, set designers and lighting technicians, among others. Today,  

Delirio is a creative industry venture that is characterized by permanent innovation in the different fie lds of action,  which boosts cultural tourism in Cali and the Cauca Valley and that contributes to the leadership of the city as a tourist destination.

It should be noted that the director of the Delirio Found of salsa and cale culture.

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