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"ECLIPSE" By Santisima

Santisima, a luxury lingerie brand that is stepping strong into a new market in the USA. Santisima presented its most recent collection on Saturday, February 10th at the NYFW, giving a demonstration of talent, and how to enter  with the right foot to an international new target.

With an impeccable presentation in each of the 18 catwalk outings, the "Eclipse" collection presented by Kely Velasquez, creative director of Santisimas, tells us about an empowered woman full of sensuality, who knows and is sure of what she wants, with a sample masterful between tights meshes, bodysuits, denim and fitted silhouettes, Kely stood out in a night full of international talent in which the use of her logo as a monogram embroidered on the pieces and laser-made on the denim pieces stood out in an elegant and sensual way .

The cut-outs and asymmetries characteristic of the brand were complemented with the catwalk styling in which through footwear, earrings and handbags, Kely presents us with a risky woman who is not afraid to show her sensuality and stand out for her elegance.

All of this has been a hard job of months in which Kely has worked hand in hand with greats of Colombian fashion such as Margarita Gómez (@margaritagomez) from INformamodels who made sure that everything went perfectly on the runway, and Laura Jimenez (@soylaura_jimenez) who as a fashion consultant helps established designers in Colombia to open new markets in the United States.

We want to extend a special thanks to Jose Ibarra (@joseibarraspecher), Santisima's PR for this event, who was an incredible host during a weekend full of friends, fashion, and glamour, a night that we experienced like no other and which we enjoyed from start to finish during NYFW powered by Art Heart Fashion.

If you are in Miami you can find Santisima (@santisimaropaintima) at @shoptagconcept

Pics provided by art heart fashion - getty images

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