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Updated: Aug 6, 2019

A special interview to Sandra Higuita Colombian designer of Saheima Joyas.

For my first designer  interview I would like to talk about something that I can never really leave my house without and that is Jewelry and accessories. They can break or make an outfit, so I’ve decided to interview Sandra Higuita jewelry Designer and creator of the Cali based brand Saheima.

“What is Saheima?” Is a Colombian contemporary jewelry line that uses natives techniques to makes stunning one of a kind pieces. Owned and designed by a strong beautiful woman, Sandra.

“What inspires you? Saheima inspired in a woman’s interior beauty, by her authenticity, being genuine, a dreamer, a lover but ultimately a warriors ready to make her goals a reality.

“What materials and techniques do you use?” Saheima uses artisans in different parts of Colombia to obtain variety in her techniques and style. From Cali to Quibdo to Cartagena. Artisans with years of experience and traditions passed down by generations for amazing quality and trust. Sandra’s love for ancestral textiles is reflected as Swarovski Crystals are loomed, Murano Crystals, cultivated Pearls and natural gems as well. Filigrana or Filigree is an ancient weaving of gold and/or silver threads, is a major standout in her jewelry.

“What’s new in Saheima for this 2019? “Lots of Earrings with Murano Crystal, filled of vivacity, with bright color tones inspired by flowers. I want each set of earrings to reflect the result of hours of labor, dedication and the love of the artisan work. The Crystals bring bling and glamour. The contrast of the colors and shapes in each piece makes the accessories very versatile to be worn day of night.”

And finally Sandra, What is the message from Saheima? “To find ourselves to be authentic women, there’s so much pressure from society to makes us be a certain way. I hope we can shut those voices off so we can clearly hear our inner voice. To feel confident in your own skin, following your own values, express yourself and be the best.”

Picture by @andreslopez_ph

MUAH by @alejo_wcl

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