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Ursula Hosting is a new kind of travel company. Founded with one goal in mind: connect people to different cultures and experiences through travel;  they take travel beyond the double click of a screen by diving into what makes destinations unique: the people, the culture, the landscape, the cuisine.

Nelson Garcia, founder and owner, says he hopes to provide an inclusive environment for people from all walks of life to discover new cultures, new experiences and new versions of themselves. It is not about escaping, it is about experiencing.  They scout locations that offer unique and exciting experiences, then find beautiful places where guests can stay, and curate activities that reflect each location.   They have two options to explore the world with them; hosted experiences and Curated trips. 

Hosted experiences are their take on group travel; popping-up in select destinations throughout the year, offering planned itineraries and hosting services with a limited number of spots available.  Their curated trips are custom made experiences for clients who rather have a more personalized travel service. From where to stay to what to do, they tailor the perfect trip for their clients based on style and interests.

Their main destinations are Havana in Cuba, Antigua in Guatemala, Mexico City, Cartagena in Colombia, and the newest addition Buenos Aires in Argentina.  Their trips celebrate the best of their local culture; food, local artisans, culture, entertainment, adventure experience, fashion, and more.  

For their next hosted experience they have chosen Buenos Aires, Argentina. They are inviting guests to spend thanksgiving in this beautiful capital city, while they show them its trendiest neighborhoods, share some of its history and traditions, and curate experiences that will give a taste of the local arts, culture, and nightlife

You can find additional information and photos from their trips on their website and social media (Instagram, Facebook). Contact them if you want to experience a unique hosting approach, explore exciting destinations, and join them as they travel the world building a new traveling community. 


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