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Updated: Sep 11, 2020


The fact , of have many styles indentifies us to be more strong with our own style .By the way, if you want to get specific about which trends to wear in spring 2020, which is just around the corner , look no further than our spring 2020 fashion ,trends , post , shoe and bag posts. I would not necessarily call myself a big-planner -, but when it comes to keeping an eye out for upcoming trends, I like to think I ‘m pretty capable .I’m mean,I’m the sort of person who plans her fall wardrobe in spring, so you know I have already got my eye on what trends we can all expect in the new year. While of course, everything is a bit of a guessing game, checking out designer runways can help predict the 2020 fashions trends.Even thougt, It took a good , long look at what designers will be offering this year and put togethera list of 12 different trends we will all see

throughout 2020.

For Carolina Herrera polka dots comes this 2020. Think polka dots are for kids and your grandma! Think again. The Spring ,Summer 2020 runways were chock -full of elevated polka dots , so prepare your 2020 wardrobes.for example , the last runway shows of fashion month just wrapped up in paris this week , and if there is one main takeaway from the season it’s that these days , anything goes. More than ever , designers are championing individuality and personal expression on the catwalk and within each collection - even with hair and makeup; at many shwos the beauty look was customized to each model rather than uniformaly applied. The old rules, such as creating merchandising grouppings and repeating fabrics and silhouettes a certain number of times to communicate cohesion , are not as strictly adhred to anymore. Still, there are a number of visual themes and desing ideas thet seem to connect the best collections of the season , and trends that seem to resonate from New York to London , and beyond. Here are the fashion trends you will be seen everywhere come Spring and Summer 2020.

At present , we are going to seen many polka dots in all sizes everywhere for Spring and Summer 2020 because they are fun and easy to wear .And , its a versatile pattern that complements both avant-garde designs and more traditional, retro-inspired garments. Assenn at Sacai, Michael Kors ,Altuzarra, Dries Van Noten,Maison Margiela and several otrer collections ,this might just be theone trend you will see everywhere come spring . Have a few polka dot items in your wardrobe and want to give them a quick update? Try mixing different- sized patterns in one outfit , or matching a white –on –black with black on white patter.

Well , moving on what next? The colour of the sesason . These days there’s never really just one . There is a consensus, however, on look –at me colour- and it’s on acid. Valentino led the neon explosion, with a series of looks in stabilo green, fuchsia and yellow;Christopher kane , a longtime proponent of neon (I love neon - it’s so man- made and loud and obnoxious. Even , yellow orange and pink lace looks that adhere to his modern mantra of ‘more joy’ and even Rei Kawakubo turned to neon pink in preparation for her take on orlando (she is designing the costumes for Olga Neuwirth’s adaptation of Virginia Woolf’ novel , opening at the Vienna State Opera 2019) Go glow.

As we can see shorts Suit Story almost will be trending ,as Tailoring’s grip is as firm as ever for spring (if you are looking to invest in an an exemplary suit , now’s the time) but that doesn’t mean there are not some new, well –cut proposals.Exhibit A; the shorts suit. Cut long and lean , falling just below the knee ,at Givenchy they channelled what Clare Waight Keller called ‘raw, boyish energy’;at Max Mara, they had a crisp , faintly militaristic bent,thanks to lan Griffiths’s stated desire to dress female assanssins;and at Michael Kors, Salvatore Ferragamo and Rejina Pyo they looked positively peppy, cut high on the thigh. You might be sceptical now, but given how wedded you probably are to blazers, consider this trend a logical- and inevitable progression.

To concluide , enjoy each clothes , shoes , bag, color, cloth ,seson , runway , and fashion you coud see.Especially wear clothes that you feel elegant , beutiful , magic , and comfortable it’s the most importante immediately you dicide show off fashion.

Arlis alvarado

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