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When they talk about rustic spaces, our minds lead us directly to small country houses, but this is not 100% true, rustic spaces can be combined with modernism using pure architectural forms mixed with the characteristic materials of this space. Below we will see several examples where modern architecture is part of this style.

In this photograph we can see how the rustic style can be seen in this modern house. Pure volumes, combined with stone walls and solid or clad wooden beams. The key to a modern rustic space is an open plan, modern furniture floor and preserved and exposed natural architectural elements.

You can appreciate the modern furniture and rustic materials on the ceiling of this room. This style varies in each country and is represented by cool spaces with lots of lighting. This lighting is done in order to balance between the brown and gray tones of the woods and stones.

The most common materials found in this decoration are wood, stone, clay, wicker, fabrics such as cotton.

Both as accessories or furniture can be made of rattan and wicker, a beautiful malleable material that gives a warm touch in this decoration.

The characteristic material wicker of this style is a vegetable fiber obtained from a bush and woven to create different products. In the tissue the stem and branches of the plant are used, either in its full thickness for the frame or in slices cut lengthwise for the tissue itself.

Warm colors encompass the range of reds, oranges and yellows and are characteristic of the materials used in this rustic style.

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