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In 2014, Being an International Trade Executive for the Colombian Government Trade Office and motivated by the birth of her first daughter, Silvia Cobos decided to create a women's footwear brand named VIDA LEATHER which was born out of a personal need to find comfortable, quality and stylish footwear that would not break the bank and fit in her new lifestyle as a working mom. This is how she started as an empirical designer giving creative and design direction to Women led factories in Colombia to develop handcrafted products that would solve the needs of the real woman, the woman that Silvia was experiencing as an Executive of the Government and Mother at the same time.

In January 2018, after 12 years assisting in the promotion and internationalization of Colombian Fashion brands, Silvia decides to dedicate her full time and attention to the promotion and growth of the brand that today bears her name: SILVIA COBOS and apply that experience in her own company, facing the challenges of product development, production planning, ideation and execution of marketing and sales strategies, implementation of assertive sales tools, participation in international fairs, alliances with influencers and industry leaders, while mixing the great challenge of interpreting trends and needs, sustainable materials and footwear construction techniques that would allow her to meet her value proposition.

In this time, Silvia has brought her brand to international markets with a wholesale presence in boutiques, concept Stores and multibrands in more than 15 markets including the United States, England, Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, Mexico, Haiti, Trinidad and Tobago, Colombia and more recently entering new markets such as Spain, Portugal, Italy and Greece.


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