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The Girl in the Red Dress

1. Tell us a little bit about yourself. 

My name is Meghan Nicole and I moved to Miami earlier this year from San Francisco. In California, I received my Master’s degree in Landscape Architecture and a Permaculture design certificate while working a few different gardening jobs. Prior to grad school, I was working on organic farms in different parts of California, so working with plants has been a big part of my life. 

2. How do you end up being a Model? 

My mom is a photographer, so I grew up modeling for her. It is a big reason that modeling is so special to me because it was one of my favorite ways we bonded and creatively collaborated. Then I started modeling for students at Academy of Art who were studying photography, art direction and styling. Since moving to Miami I have started doing more runway shows and recently signed with Cyrus Models. 

3. You are starting your clothing brand, tell us about it.  

Yes, my clothing brand is called Flower Threads @f.l.o.w.e.r.t.h.r.e.a.d.s, which launched summer 2023. It is a plant-based clothing line which means that all of the fabrics we use are at least 95% plant fiber. Each season I work towards sourcing a higher quality fabric in terms of traceability, fair labor and eliminating plastic. The fabric I am working with this season is C4 San Joaquin Valley Cotton sourced from the California Fibershed. So far I have been sewing everything myself and releasing a new look each season to work towards creating a full collection.

4. What makes your brand different from others? 

The brand I’m creating is born from what I seek as a customer: plant-based fabrics and dyes, traceability, aesthetic, transparency of the process and ongoing sustainability improvements. My designs come from creating plant-based alternatives to outfits that I consider my essentials, with the hope that others will too. There are definitely other great brands out there who value and implement similar practices. I think the more the merrier so that more styles are represented in sustainable fashion to push the industry towards a healthier system for the planet. 

5. How is your perception of Fashion in Miami?

I have been loving the fashion scene in Miami! My perception and experience of fashion in Miami has been focused on indie artist collaborations. I’ve met amazing models, photographers, designers and event coordinators who are incredibly supportive of each other and all come together to cultivate their craft. There is an abundance of runway shows, pop-ups, photomeets and other events where we can all showcase our work.

6. What Do you see yourself doing next year?  

I definitely see Flower Threads doing runway shows and pop-ups! I am starting out 2024 by taking a fashion business class to help take Flower Threads to the next level. In terms of modeling, I may have the opportunity to do some modeling internationally and live abroad for a couple of months. I’d love to travel and also keep growing as a model within Miami.

Modelo: Meghan Nicole

Fotografo: @verse_citi_brickell

Red Dress: @reigiraldo

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One of the best models in Florida

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