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"Let's talk about sex baby, let's talk about you and me, let's talk about sex"... we always like to make comments about #Sex, make jokes and nervously laugh at each other but we never really talk about it. Maybe it's time!? You all know me as the voice of #Bittenbyfashion, #mom, and #lifestyle expert; I strongly believe that sex is part of a strong, healthy and fulfiled happy life.

Sex influences everything and yet we are always so afraid to "put it out there", some people still demonize sex and don't understand that sexuality is an individual's choice, not their gender and should not be judged by it or publicized. There are some that don't like it as much or have had bad experiences, but i ask you, urge you rather, to please talk about it with a therapists, seek professional help, because it can change how you feel and see life. Sex is so powerful and has such a range of pleasures, from #fetishes, like #bitting ( yes I'm into it, how could Tell?! Hahaha) to groups, to masturbation, there's something for everyone and all we need to know that thing, that spot that make us explode! I dare you to explore and hopefully enjoy yourself, your partner(s), look at your body naked, see how sensual you are, touch yourself slow and let your hands talk. Don't think about anything and Masturbate, let go... Masturbation has always been judged and been labeled as sickness, we have been made afraid of something so natural, healthy and normal, that we practice since we are teens without even knowing.

Masturbating to reach orgasm may help with depression, self esteem, sex drive, orgasms, prostate cancer and it also helps a person get a good night's sleep. During and after orgasm, feel-good hormones flood the brain. Who doesn't want to feel relaxed and happy, i feel even sexier after i do! Makes me feel I'm still very much alive! Having my partner away, masturbation has been a way to keep me sane, satisfied and not looking for someone else. It's something that we can even share, makes us feel connected and want each other more...

Let's be honest, let's lift the shade of some #taboos, we are in 2019 right?! However, let's always be tactful, consensual sex is key. If it makes you feel guilty, or bad in any way, please i insist, seek help. But if you are ready to discover yourself and boost your #sexdrive, do it! Touch yourself, enjoy it, and most of all have a happy ending!.

Welcome to the last #LastBite, a #sex open talk by #missbittenbyfashion for #artbitionmagazine

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