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This is my tribute to world icons belonging to different spaces of entertainment, fashion and art; personalities who have left their mark for their contribution to authenticity and and a show humanity by style that identifies them as unique, all these artists have given us left a legacy and some are still among us to continue creating history. tory, which leads me to dream of a world in which art, fashion and architecture converge to continue connecting us as humans sample I took different referents In this small as projecting them fashion icons preserving their essence through an abstract and geometric concept. Iris Apfel, Rupaul, Tom Audrey Hepburn. Ford, Anna Wintour, Karl Lagerfeld, Virgil Abloh.


Digital printed on guarro paper.

Size: 18" x 12" Aproxx. printed area.

Limited edition of 5

Artist: Andres Arango - AA Design & Home

Mrs. Wintour

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