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Juan Pablo Castro, Reflect on a moment in time

Starting during his industrial design studies where he connected with shape, structure,and movement, Juan Pablo's visual journey is quite unique. His body of work explores new vanguards and the boundaries of his own imagination. Bold images taken from his particular world give us expert photographs and videos where fashion, color, and expression collide.

His work has been featured in Vogue Mexico, L’officiel, Elle Erabia and Elle Decor magazines; creating content for luxury brands Burberry and Montblanc; and in public exhibitions presented by Ralph Pucci International and by Miami Beach Convention Center during Art Basel. Juan Pablo is rapidly becoming a favorite photographer for Miami’s top creators and artists

"For me, to create an image is to reflect on a moment in time. to create a masterpiece, that moment needs the combination of multiple elements and sometimes even a little bit of luck is necessary

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